Here we present some of Seiko's key moments and accomplishments to date in each of the business fields of clocks and time systems.

1881 Kintaro Hattori establishes the K. Hattori (watch and clock retail and repair store).
1892 Seikosha is established and commences manufacturing of wall clocks.
1899 The company begins manufacturing alarm clocks.
1924 The name "Seiko" begins to be used for timepiece products.
1953 Broadcasting of Japan's first television commercial.
1964 Seiko serves as official timer of the Tokyo Olympics.
1968 Launching of the world's first quartz wall clock for home use.
1970 Splitting off from the Seikosha Factory, Seikosha Co., Ltd. is established.
Installation of the world's first radio wave clock at the Osaka Expo.
1976 Launching of the world's first quartz alarm clock.
1982 The Yukku-Rhythm Pendulum Clock in the Shinjuku NS Building got certified by Guinness World Records.
1984 Completion of the Mullion Clock, Japan's first large-scale marionette clock.
1987 Seiko serves as official timer of the 2nd World Championships in Athletics (Rome) and continues to serve as official timer thereafter.
1993 Seiko Time Systems Inc. is established.
1996 Seiko Clock Inc. is established.
1999 Launching of the radio correction clock that picks up Japanese standard time radio waves.
2005 Launching of the Time Link Pro wireless master/secondary clock system.
2006 The Quartz Bell Timer QBT-30 receives the Good Design award.
2007 Seiko serves as official timer of the 1st Tokyo Marathon and continues to serve as official timer thereafter.
2012 As part of the the restoration of Tokyo Station, Seiko undertakes construction of the tower clock.
2013 Launching of the Satellite Radio Wave Clock, the world's first clock for home use that receives information on the correct time from GPS satellites.
2018 Launching of the hybrid radio wave clock Seiko NexTime, which can be synchronized with a standard radio wave using a smartphone app.
2019 Installation of the large-scale marionette clock Seiko Rondeau in the Wako specialty store in Ginza.
2020 Installation of the Nihonbashi Muromachi Steam Aerophone Clock in COREDO Muromachi Terrace.
2021 Seiko Time Systems Inc. and Seiko Clock Inc. are merged to form Seiko Time Creation Inc.