Group Companies

Seiko Holdings Corporation Responsible for such functions as consolidation, legal tasks, management of intellectual properties, group publicity and investors relations
Seiko Watch Corporation Planning, development and manufacturing of watches and other products and domestic and overseas sales
Seiko Instruments Inc. Development, manufacturing and sales of electronic components, precision components and printing devices
Seiko NPC Corporation Development, manufacturing and marketing of integrated circuits (IC)
Seiko I Techno Research Inc.
(Japanese Only)
Instrumental analysis (surface analysis, morphological observation, and thermal analysis), microfabrication, and consulting of materials, processes, and devices
Seiko Solutions Inc. Development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, services and consultations for the hardware and the software relating with information systems and network services
WAKO Co., Ltd. Sales of watches, jewelry, accessories, interior supplies, art goods and crafts, glasses and foodstuffs