My sincere thanks for your continued patronage of Seiko Time Creation Inc.

In recent years, the pace of environmental changes around the world has become extremely rapid, and consumption trends have become even more diversified due to such influences as rising awareness of the SDGs.
Under these circumstances, through our clock business and time systems business, we will create new value around the theme of Time in all spaces, and solve various social issues with the latest technology and high reliability, and we will continue to take on the challenge to be "an integrated solutions company in every time-related issue" that meets the needs of all.

We will press forward in a company-wide effort to realize Seiko Group's official statement of Purpose: "As a company trusted by society, we will constantly pursue innovation, inspiring people everywhere, and creating a future full of smiles."

I sincerely look forward to your continued support of Seiko Time Creation Inc.

Shimesu Takizawa
Seiko Time Creation Inc.